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Pasta cutting pins, Balanzoni, Tortellini, Pappardelle

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Lathe turned, hard maple pasta cutting pins, for perfect uniformity every time!

Hard maple gives extra weight, and durability for a long lasting cutter. Edges are also specially hardened, for a sharpness not usually possible with wood products.

Choose from 3 different sizes, or take the whole set.

Balanzoni 3" - Great for larger Tortelloni, Triangole, Caramelle & Sopressini

Tortellini 1.24" - The classic for large production Tortellini, also perfect for smaller Sopressini in brodo.

Pappardelle 1" - Cut long, precise width noodles

Pins total lengths 16-17", diameter 2.5"

Each pin comes with a linen storage case!

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