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Ravioli mold, individual or whole set, Jatoba

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Do you love freestyle stuffed pasta shapes? Gently pressing out air pockets with your fingers, one by one? Neither do I.... make life easier with these wooden molds, for perfect shapes every time!

Each mold is unique and double sided, with a different size/shape, as well as a design for malloreddus and other handmade shapes on the reverse side.

Dimensions - All molds are 4 1/2" square, over 1" thick. Each piece includes a 1" mini pin for pressing the shape, and a linen case (whole sets will all come together in 1 case, and include only 1 pin)

Raviolo mold/ honeycomb back - perfect for eggyolk raviolo

Medium round Ravioli/ "Snowflake" back - Large for shredded meat fillings, and cooked green/ricotta fillings.

Triangole/ Triangles back - Extra large triangole shapes, can also be used to create a doppio (double) ravioli, with 2 different fillings, in one large piece!

4 small ravioli/ checkered back - Basic sized ravioli mold, for large fast production!

Made from Jatoba wood, each piece will be unique in color and grain.

Choose your favorite, or take the whole set for extra savings!

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