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Classic cavarola board

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This is the real deal, maple cavarola board. Cavarola boards are used to add textures to many different types of pasta. This adds surface area and ridges to the pasta so it can better hold its sauce, and of course, makes it look awesome. Each board now comes with a matching 1" mattarello (rolling pin), a 3/8" garganelli pin, and a linen storage case for the set.

The face side is carved with the classic design, and the lily iris florentia engraved on top. Perfect for imprinting designs in sheets of pasta for maltagliati and corzetti. The back fine checkered design is great for any hand made shapes. Capunti, gnocchetti and cavatelli are my favorites. Make any shape you want, there's no rules!

These are made from real wood, no two will be identical. Imperfections in the wood and carving are to be expected, even desired, it's what makes your cavarola board unique. Like all pasta should be, made by hand.

Board dimensions

12 3/4" x 7" x 7/8"

Texture dimensions

9" x 5"

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